It was another awesome day at Deerhorn! The weather these past two days has been absolutely beautiful. The pictures don’t do it justice, but the lake has just been sparkling in the sun…Kids down at the waterfront building sandcastles, going down the slide, sailing Sunfish, paddling canoes, water-skiing, going on the Rave.  Looking out at the lake and all of its action is like a postcard of what camp is supposed to be.


It was fun the past two days at rest hour to take koogee pictures. Some wanted to be silly after taking a nice one, and others were difficult to coax outside out of their beds and away from their naps to even take a picture. (teenagers. 🙂 )  There are definitely some good ones in the bunch. You can check them all out on our Shutterfly site.


Breakfast this morning was blueberry scones (yum!), lunch was sloppy joes, and dinner was tacos. Sports & Games played a game of Star Wars on the baseball field, which is yet another version of dodgeball.  Have your camper tell you all about it when he gets home!  Kids are busy working for stars these last few days of camp. It’s hard to believe this session is already over. It feels like it just started!

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