Wacky Wednesday

That picture pretty much sums up D session around here.  Crazy, excited, fired up kids who run to activities and make the most of their 10 days up here. D session is pretty wacky all by itself, but today got even wackier. Today was Wacky Wednesday at camp, except that it was Tuesday…which I suppose makes it extra wacky. It began with calisthenics on the beach at the bell, and at breakfast, along with pancakes, there were boxes of sugar cereal on the tables (Gasp! We never get sugar cereal at Deerhorn!) Kids wore clothes backwards, on their heads, inside out. Costumes emerged and wigs were worn. There were some pretty wacky characters showing up to meals today.


Hockey players, bananas, overgrown dogs, and one table was even completely decked out in princess gear. I love that Deerhorn is a place where you show up to a meal, and there is a princess tiara on your plate…and without even thinking about it, you put it on. Wackiness is embraced at Deerhorn on a daily basis. Differences accepted, encouraged, celebrated. Kids feel comfortable just being themselves, whether that’s inside the box or way outside it. 🙂



Of course, kids are always ready for wackiness, so they loved the day. Activities were a little outside the box today, as riflery shot at pieces of fruit instead of targets, and archery aimed for balloons.  Sports & Games played a new game called Ferguson, but you’ll have to ask your camper how it’s played. I just can’t keep up with all the creative games they come up with.  Through it all, Blaine was there supervising to make sure everyone was safe and had fun.


Today’s weather at camp was absolutely beautiful. It was definitely cooler than it was last week, chilly this morning when we awoke, but the sunshine made the lake simply sparkle today. Lunch was chicken patties, which everyone loves. After dinner, the counselors of the water activities took on the counselors of the land activities in the Lillies vs Lubbers softball game. Lots of kids came to watch and cheer on their counselors, and others played sprout ball on the golf green.  Many times today I heard, “This was the best day ever!”

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