The Best Yet

Friends, we are all crazy excited for the summer of 2018! We’ve had a crew of 7 guys here for a couple of weeks working on big pre-camp projects, and the rest of our staff arrived yesterday. We are painting, landscaping, making trails, interior decorating, and just all around prepping for the best summer Deerhorn has seen yet. We are astounded by how hard working our staff is and how amazing camp looks already!

Deerhorn Hall is simply beautiful, and photos don’t do it justice. It is a big, beautiful hall full of ping pong tables, dart boards, foosball, and game tables, just waiting to be filled with laughter and good times this summer. We have hung flags that represent all the countries of our former campers and staff, and old Deerhorn t-shirts are a great reminder of decades of tradition at camp.

The store is stocked full of your favorite gear, plus tons of new arrivals, and the new waterslide is almost ready for action. The new ski boat is in the water, ready to pull skiers, and new sailboats will be rigged soon. Along with all the big upgrades, you’ll notice lots of smaller improvements everywhere you look. Truly, camp has never looked better, and we are so proud and so excited to share it all with you this summer!

But the BEST…the VERY BEST improvement this summer, hands down, is the food. This morning’s breakfast was the first meal by our team of chefs and it was all INCREDIBLE. Tex mex breakfast scramble with homemade pico de gallo for breakfast, sandwiches with homemade bread and the best homemade tomato bisque soup for lunch, and at dinner we raved about the roasted broccoli, real mashed potatoes,  and the awesome chocolate cake for dessert. Seriously, I think we are all going to be raving all summer. We look forward to every meal, excited to see what’s up next. Not only are the chefs amazing at their job, but they are kind, funny human beings who fit in perfectly in our camp family. We could not be happier.

One thing that I always struggle with is living in the moment…being present instead of worrying about what’s next. After Rooster and Derek died, I really struggled with this because I was either living in the past, wishing I could go back to Before, when they were still alive, or living in the future, worried about something else bad happening. But one of the best parts of being at camp is that it makes being present way easier. There’s so much happening at camp that you are forced into the present, into seeing what’s next rather than dwelling on the past or the future.  And being surrounded by some of the best humans we know is good for all of our souls. It’s good to be together again.  I think his loss has brought life into sharper focus for a lot of us, helping us to appreciate camp and each other even more.We have talked about Derek a lot. We made bumper stickers in his honor, there is a book in the office about him, and there are crazy Hawaiian shirts for sale in the store with his initials on the sleeve. We miss him, and he should be here. But he is not, so all we can do is honor his legacy by remembering what we loved about Derek and spreading that joy to others at camp. And looking around at all the amazing things happening at camp, we are reminded that there is a lot to be happy about.

12 thoughts on “The Best Yet

    I enjoyed reading your blog Amy. The camp sounds wonderful with so many new things for the campers to look forward to. Brandon mentioned his arms were aching!! ?
    So sad about Derek. However you all have been very creative in keeping his memory alive.
    Have a wonderful Summer!!

    Amy, the fabulous “game room”(!), amazing, delicious sounding new menu items, the many other improvements big and small that will no doubt be greatly appreciated by all!! It sounds like it is going to be a BANNER SUMMER at Deerhorn! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the wonderful ways you will be helping all to continue spreading the joy, laughter, caring and friendships that have been so very meaningful to your community of staff and campers! 🙂

    Hi Amy! Thanks for your note! Yes, it is definitely going to be a banner year! We are all excited to share all the upgrades with the rest of the Deerhorn Family!

    Hi Amy! Thanks for these updates and really exciting to see the growth of Deerhorn – love the new hall! You lead a really special place that positively impacts countless people over the course of their lives. Enjoy every “moment” and have a fantastic summer.

    Hi Paul! Thanks so much! We are thrilled with how the hall turned out. It’s such an amazing building and we know it’s going to be well used! So great having Matt back this summer, and hard to believe he is a counselor!! So great!

    Great information on the camp Deerhorn Don Broadbridge was the QB on the First State Champs in football for GBN We need more people like Booboo in today’s world Hope all is going well for you guys Coach Sam GBN

    Thanks for such a great look at a very special place! I was a counselor there in the summer of ‘83 and wasn’t able to come back but the experience there with the other counselors and the Broadbridge family was powerfully impacting on the rest of my life! It is a time I will cherish…hopefully I’ll get back for a visit.

    GAHHH. I can’t wait to come home!!!! School is absolutely destroying me right now and I could so you a lie down on the I-dock right now.

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