The Boys are Back in Town!

Our Pioneers arrived back at camp today around 4, bursting with laughter and stories about their five days of backpacking in the Porkies. We sent them straight to the showers! They had a great time, and we were all glad to see them!



Back at camp, it was activities as usual in the beautiful July sunshine. There was not a lot of wind for sailing, so kids had a great time playing on the windsurf boards.



Breakfast was cinnamon toast, lunch was chicken patties, and dinner was tacos. Sports and Games played a game called Star Wars on the baseball field, which is like dodgeball, but involves medics and other things so that players can come back in the game even when they get out.

DSC_0234The Zombie Apocalypse game continued today with our Voyagers and Leaders during General Swim. Yesterday the game started with one patient zero, who was a counselor hiding in the woods. Every player has a white t-shirt and patient zero has hands covered in red paint. If the zombie tagged you yesterday, you became a zombie for today’s game. The game will continue all week until there is only one player who survives. They LOVE it.


After a couple of days of clouds and rain, we were all glad to see the sun again, and we enjoyed another beautiful day at Deerhorn.





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