The Last Ride…

…the last Rave launch…the last dinner in the dining hall…the last trip down the waterslide. The summer of 2016 is almost over and we finished it off in style.



Today was our guided fishing day, so after omelets for breakfast, dads and sons were excited to go catch the big musky! There were a few caught today, much to the excitement of the kids in the boats!



The weather was perfect for more waterfront fun, and we all soaked in the warm rays of the sun for one more day. Lunch was chicken patties, and dinner was a delicious baked chicken & mashed potatoes, with dirt cups for dessert.


We started dinner a little early to be able to do our closing banquet, and with full bellies it was time for some fathers vs kids vs staff Scalp!  The kids won, as usual, but everyone had a great time and we ended with our last campfire of 2016. Many thanks to all the families who joined us for this last Father Son session…it was a great one!


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