We Are Deerhorn

Several years ago, we welcomed Grant Denapoli back to Deerhorn. He had not been back since he was a camper, and he was more excited than anyone to be back  at camp, and be able to share it with his son, James. Since then, he has returned every summer to not only attend Father Son camp, but work pre-camp and teach golf during our D session. He not only is an incredible father, staff member, and friend, but a rock star on the guitar as well. Having him at campfires is a real treat.

A few months ago, I asked him to write a guest blog post about what camp means to him.  He was happy to do it, but when he finally sent it to me, this is what he said:

A couple months back Amy asked me to write a blog for Deerhorn. I must say as an English major, I was looking forward to writing a clever, well constructed, emotional essay on what Deerhorn means to me. Unfortunately the songwriter in me quickly took over. I’ve learned not to fight him. I found that it’s impossible for me to put into words on a page what Deerhorn and you all mean to me. I also found that the only way I could possibly convey my emotions is in song. This song is not mine. It’s yours. It is Camp Deerhorn’s song.

The song is called We Are Deerhorn and we think it perfectly embodies the spirit of Deerhorn. You can download the song on our Soundcloud site, and below is a video on our Youtube page that we created to accompany this incredible song. Enjoy!

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