B Session ended today and we had our awards breakfast (waffles with strawberries) this morning. Lots of awards were given out, including patches for stars earned in activities, and Most Improved patches in each activity as well. The ping pong tournament champion was Michael Thistlethwaite, and Sharpshooter awards for high scores in riflery went to Francisco Chahin for juniors, Braden Smyth for intermediates, and Andy Rochford for seniors. The tennis tournament winners were Buckley Oelerich for 11 and under, and Henry Shrier for 12 and up. Spirit awards went to Desmond Mangat for juniors, Eli Whitney for intermediates, and Jack Hallinan for seniors. Outstanding Camper trophies went to Vincent Mangat for juniors, Charlie Cummings for intermediates, and Jack Farrell for seniors. Videos of the speeches for Spirit and Outstanding are posted on our Facebook page.  The Chippewa are still leading the summer, followed by the Navajo, Iroquois, and Apache. Keep updated on scores throughout the summer on our team comp page.


We have 44 kids staying over for C session and they all left after lunch (barbecue chicken) to head to the waterpark, The Grand Lodge at Stoney Creek, for the afternoon. They will eat dinner there and head back to camp tonight. The busses left Deerhorn around 10:45, headed down to Milwaukee and Chicago.


The end is always sad, especially for the older kids whose love for Deerhorn runs deep. The hugs and the tears before boarding the busses, make you realize how important these friendships are. The pictures say it better than I ever could.


So if your camper arrives home, glad to see you, but seems out of sorts for a few days, know that it’s totally normal.  We call it “Campsick” and it’s something a lot of campers struggle with, adjusting to the transition to home, while missing camp and their friends. I just read a great blog post on it this morning and wanted to share it here. 


Many thanks to our B session parents for sharing your sons with us this session.  They were a lively bunch, chanting and banging on tables for no apparent reason, at almost every meal. But their love for Deerhorn, and for each other,  is obvious.




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